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explore Cuba... the largest U.S. automobile museum in the world

Cuba expert, news personality and tour leader Christopher P. Baker has an intimate knowledge of Cuba’s classic American autos (as well as fascinating contacts throughout the isle) and thrills to designing and leading people-to-people ‘tours’ and itineraries of Cuba for classic auto connoisseurs.


After all, he literally wrote the book on the subject: CUBA CLASSICS: A CELEBRATION OF VINTAGE AMERICAN AUTOMOBILES.


Cuba possesses about 450,000 passenger cars, of which one-quarter are pre-revolutionary American classics. In certain areas, one rarely sees a vehicle that is not a venerable ‘fifties icon, evoking nostalgia like Elvis Presley songs of the same era. “Was this a movie set or a real city?” wrote Tom Miller in Trading With The Enemy, “Cars missing from American highways for decades lined every block.”


Want to experience the thrill of riding around Havana in a convertible T-bird? Eager to learn how Cuba’s mechanical wizards keep their weary cacharros running with resourcefulness, ingenuity and great good humor?


Contact Christopher today to request your own classic car ‘tour’ of Cuba


SAMPLE FIVE-DAY ITINERARY (can be extended as desired)

Arrive Havana for a delicious chicken-in-orange-and-garlic-sauce lunch at the thatched El Aljibe restaurant.
This afternoon enjoy your first Cuban cigar with mojitos at the acclaimed Hotel Nacional.
Evening sightseeing tour in convertible classic cars en route to dinner at La Guarida–Cuba’s finest private restaurant.

Walk the cobbled streets and plazas of Habana Vieja
Enjoy lunch overlooking Plaza Vieja.
This afternoon visit the Museo de Automoviles, with a fine collection of antique cars.
Dinner at El Cocinero.

This morning head to the Fábrica H. Upmann cigar factory for a up-close-and-personal guided tour.
Then visit a workshop of Christopher’s close friend, Luis Enrique, to see his collection of antique Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the “sandwich”–alias, his 1953 Buick Roadmaster.
After lunch and a cigar at Il Divino on Havana’s outskirts, visit Ernest Hemingway’s former home, Finca Vigía, now the Museo Ernest Hemingway.
Rooftop dinner at Atelier.

Full day tour today in a fleet of 1950s Chevrolet Bel-Airs for a drive through the countryside. We’ll stop to visit Alain Lossano, who makes pistons and piston rings in unbelievably crude conditions… and the workshop of the late Eugenio O’Hallarans to see “chrome” replacements being made out of tin.
Lunch will be at the lovely mountain community of Las Terrazas.
Return to Havana in late-afternoon.
Farewell dinner at Versus 1900, followed by a night of entertainment at The Tropicana cabaret.

Return to the USA


Eugenio O'Hallarans and his tin-plate false chrome, Havana, Cuba; copyright Christopher P Baker
Eugenio O’Hallarans and his tin-plate false chrome workshop, Havana, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker


Chevrolet Bel-Air classic car Sancti Spiritus Cuba
1953 Chevrolet Bel-Air classic car in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker


US visitors classic American cars Malecon Havana Cuba
U.S visitors riding in classic American cars on the Malecón at sunset, Havana, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker


Filming mechanic Buick Roadmaster Havana Cuba
Cinematographer Adam Docker filming a mechanic working on 1953 Buick Roadmaster, Havana, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker


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