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“Chris, what can I say, the trip was spectacular. We all thoroughly enjoyed your company.”
— MICHAEL SMERCONISH, CNN TV anchor (private people-to-people exchange, August 2016)


“Christopher… I gave the tour a 99 on a 100 scale as I can’t imagine it gets much better than we experienced in Cuba. You did everything well and made sure that everyone in the group had a very memorable trip.
— BOB HENIG, BOB’S BMW (motorcycle people-to-people exchange, April 2015)


“Just wanted to say a final huge thank you for leading us on such an amazing week of travel.  I’m not hyperbolizing when I say that it was one of the most fulfilling experiences in recent memory and there’s no question it had everything to do with your guidance.”
— JASON WIRE (private people-to-people exchange, August 2016)


” We recently returned from Cuba and the most incredible trip of our lives.  Words could never express what our time there meant to all of us… most notably, the wonderful experiences we had with the people we met along the way.  I am so thankful to you… and most especially to working so closely with us to ensure that we had the exact experience we were looking for.”
KATHY PARSONS (private people-to-people exchange, October 2016)


Christopher P. Baker has designed itineraries, led tours and made arrangements for travel to Cuba for clients as diverse as:


  • Air Journey
  • Children’s Cancer Association
  • CNN TV anchor Michael Smerconish
  • Cross Cultural Journeys
  • Actor/producer David Soul
  • Jim Cline Photo Tours
  • Leica Cameras
  • MotoDiscovery
  • National Geographic Expeditions
  • Red Earth Studios
  • ROW Adventures
  • Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
  • And more


Children’s Cancer Association outside the Instituto Nacional de Oncología y Radiobiología, Havana, Cuba


Bob Henig Bob's BMW photograph billboard Che Guevara motorcycle tour Cuba
Bob Henig of Bob’s BMW photographs a billboard of Che Guevara during a motorcycle tour in Cuba, 2015
copyright Christopher P Baker


Air Journey private pilot tour 1950s classic car Havana Cuba
Clients on an Air Journey private pilots tour in Clients on an Air Journey private pilot’s tour in convertible 1950s classic cars, Havana, Cuba, June 2016
copyright Christopher P Baker


Smerconish Cuban artist Lester Campa Che Guevara John Lennon Cuba
Michael Smerconish with Cuban artist Lester Campa and his image of John Lennon as Che Guevara, Las Terrazas, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker


Actor David Soul Ernest Hemingway Chrysler documentary Havana Cuba
Actor / producer David Soul strolling Habana Vieja while filming Cuban Soul, Havana, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker


Actor David Soul Havana Cuba
Cuba expert Christopher P Baker with actor & producer David Soul and Red Earth Studio crew during filming of Cuban Soul documentary, El Aljibe restaurant, Havana, Cuba, January 2016


Christopher Baker NBC journalist Natalie Morales Havana Cuba
Cuba expert and travel journalist Christopher P Baker with NBC journalist Natalie Morales, Havana, Cuba, 2013
copyright Bob WIlliams

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